In 2013, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) saw the need for an entry into open-wheel racing for graduates of disciplines such as Karting, but at a lower expense than Formula 3. This new category, Formula 4, was created to meet that need.

Since that announcement, officially sanctioned F4 Championships have appeared throughout the world, and SCCA Pro Racing has contracted with the FIA to sanction the F4 Championship in the United States.

Throughout its history, both the SCCA and SCCA Pro Racing have had a desire to grow open wheel racing here in North America. Their support of the F1600, F2000, Formula Lites and Formula Atlantic programs has kept these classes at the forefront of open wheel motorsports, both at the club and pro level.

Looking ahead, the SCCA sees FIA F4 as a means to modernize entry-level open-wheel racing for participants, around a contemporary, cost conscious formula. The SCCA has chosen partners that embrace these ideals and can support this vision with appropriate technology and products.

The selected F4 power plant is based on the engine currently used in the Civic® Type R®, detuned to meet FIA-mandated output of approximately 160 Hp. The engine and the ECU will be sealed to help with parity and compliance.

The F4 chassis is a modern, robust, and highly capable chassis that is conducive to exceptional performance at various engine power levels. Both the engine and chassis will meet FIA homologation requirements.

New Formula 4 tires have been developed specifically for junior single-seater racing by Pirelli engineers in Milan and incorporate learning from Pirelli’s participation in Formula One and feeder categories GP3 and GP2.



Justin joins a team (Global Racing Group) focused on developing professional racing drivers, in and out of the car.

Drivers in the Global Racing Group model will develop their driving skills in preparation for careers further into Formula Cars, Prototypes, GT Racing and Rally. They will be trained and exposed to PR, Marketing and Business Development, and will take part in actual projects with clients of Global Racing Group.

In a truly unique model for professional motorsport, Global Racing Group goes beyond driver development aspects, and provides active business opportunities and marketing consulting for partners, clients and their driver’s sponsors.