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2012 FWT Championship

It was over a year ago that we were at West Palm Beach and upon arriving there the weather was sunny and cool with the temperature in the 50s. Justin returned with a determination to take home the Championship Trophy. The 2012 Florida Winter Tour gave him the opportunity to race in the Vortex Tag Cadet Series (a European Championship preceding each Rotax event). Participating in the V.T.C. series enabled Justin to familiarize himself with this year’s competition, kart setup, as well as acquiring much needed track time before each Rotax event. Ultimately, Justin competed in all three events of the FWT and ranked 8th overall in the Championship.

Following the first V.T.C. event, hundreds more arrived for the first leg of the Rotax series. We saw many new rigs accompanied by elaborate tents and posh trailers. This even larger group set the atmosphere for greater excitement, and as practice and qualifying sessions drew nearer, Justin was eager to hit the track again with his fellow competitors.

Thanks to experience gained during the V.T.C. event, Justin was consistently fast enabling him to progressively edge out the competition and, eventually, securing the pole position for both days. He was, however, penalized on Saturday and Sunday for starting too fast. But that did not deter him. Justin remained focused and despite starting in 9th position, worked his way through the field and to the front to finish 2nd in Saturday’s final. Sunday saw a repeat performance with Justin back on the podium in 2nd place ending the first stage of the FWT.

For Justin, Homestead is his home away from home (Jamaica) and a track which he has raced on many times. However, misfortune struck again as he was disqualified in Saturday’s qualifying session. This verdict was a result from the technical inspection for a missing air filter element which placed him in 37th position for Saturday’s pre-final. However, Justin drove aggressively to work his way through the field and ended up 17th to start the finals. Lights went green, and upon entering the first corner, contact was made and Justin was knocked off the track causing the chain to come off the sprocket so he had to remain in the infield for the duration of the race.

Looking forward to Sunday, Justin appeared more determined than ever to get back on the podium, and qualifying 3rd gave him the assurance that it was possible. The pre-finals saw him drafting

with the Canadian champion, Antonio Serravalle, and after pulling away from the rest of the field, the two boys engaged in an intense battle exchanging the lead several times to end the finals with Antonio taking 1st and Justin a close 2nd.. The finals saw both boys at it again, exchanging the lead multiple times per lap throughout the entire race. The constant exchange of positions made it an exciting and nail-biting event for both the announcer and the spectators. In the end, Antonio, once again, took the checkered flag followed by Justin in 2nd place. However, a driving infraction resulted in a penalty which placed Antonio in 3rd on the podium with Leonardo Rinaldi in 2nd and Justin 1st for the second stage of the FWT.

With the Championship up for grabs in the final stage of Ocala, Harry Coulton, Antonio Serravalle, Dylan Tavella and Justin would take to the track ahead of thirty-two other drivers in pursuit for the title of 2012 FWT Micro Max Champion. In the practice sessions, Justin was determined to send the right message to his fellow drivers by putting down quick times, but in qualifying he ended up 5th for Saturday‘s pre-final and 4th for Sundays.

By finishing 3rd in the pre-finals and 2nd in the finals on Saturday, Justin realized that he could secure the championship by merely finishing 8th or better in Sunday’s final. Tension rose as the drivers were called to the grid in preparation for the pre-final round. Twelve laps later found Justin sitting 3rd for the final race of the 2012 FWT. “Starting on the inside (3rd position) is a nice place to be going into the first corner” said Justin. “Our plan for the final race was to get through corner one safely, and if pressured by the 4th place driver, I knew I would have to let him go by and just follow him to the finish.

I got a good start in the finals but was pressured from behind and confident with the decision we made, I drove conservatively taking no risk of contact with any other driver so I gave up my position. “With just one lap to go, the first, second and third drivers tangled, allowing Harry, myself and Jack to go by putting me in 2nd at the finish line.

It has been a very challenging Winter Tour for us, but with our hard work and dedication I am happy and proud to have won the prestigious title of Florida Winter Tour Micro Max Champion.  I’d like to thank the other drivers for a great Winter Tour and, especially, my parents, grandparents, tuners, Fast karts, Ogden Engines as well as my extended family and friends who have always supported me.”

The entire Sirgany family would also like to formally thank Bill Wright and the FWT Team for this event that showcased great competition and big fields which provided “SERIOUS FUN” for talented drivers from all over the world.



For more information on Justin, you can visit his website at www.3gsracing.com or contact Stephen Sirgany at steve@3gsracing.com or 876-901-1702 or 876-978-0041











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